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Digital Marketing and Branding Studio

for health, wellness, and creative entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Helping you increase brand awareness with marketing strategy and design that's real and impactful.


Social Media Management

Increase your brand's awareness and authority in your market through social marketing strategies that are authentic and engaging. No cookie-cutter, templated, or artificial content creation here!


Paid Digital Advertising

Paid Digital Advertising effectively targets your ideal audience to showcase your product or service, making the most out of those precious marketing dollars.


Brand Design & Strategy

Visual Identity and Brand Strategy tailored to you so that you can attract your ideal people and confidently show up in your business.


All about

Hey, I'm Michelle. 

After working in health and finance for over a decade, I now help entrepreneurs and small business owners in marketing their impactful businesses.

It doesn't matter if you're a one person operation, or a multi-national company, consistency in brand messages matters. I've worked with both types of businesses (and everything in between) and understand the impact that a brand's message and visuals have on the success of their business.

As a yoga teacher, energy worker, and marketing nerd, I have a love for health professionals who are driven to make an impact in the world. I understand how much you want to help your communities and make your patients healthier. I also understand that your gifts are precious and to be celebrated.

You don't need to be stressed out by your marketing - I got you!

My clients are rock stars at what they do, and I want the world to know them!

I'd love for them to know YOU, too!


My goal is to share your gifts with the world so you can make real impact.

We all have a purpose or gift to share with the world.
Your goal is to help people feel better in their bodies, feel more confident or content, and live with more ease. 
Mine is to make your business feel authentic.
For you to feel confident.
And for your marketing to feel at ease.


What clients are saying

Just wanted to share some positive feedback from a client. He said great job on the SEO. [The website is] super user friendly and easy to find.


I felt captured. Enamoured with it. Show me more. I'm already thinking about when we launch this product, I can see it. I can see how the branding will play a role in our events. There's no guess work. It leaves no questions unanswered. I'm so excited.

D. DH.

The website is looking awesome! 

Thank you so much for giving it a badly needed face lift! 


in Touch

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